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Emily Moyer Printmaking Demo

Saturday Jan. 21, 2023 local artist Emily Moyer did a copperplate etching printmaking demo at Alto Gallery. Emily brought her own Charles Brand etching press and several of her own copperplate etchings to share the process with visitors. In addition to covering inking a plate, choosing inks, soaking paper, and pulling prints, visitors also got to see some of Emily's creative decision-making (e.g. design and color choices).

Emily Moyer is a printmaking enthusiast specializing in lithography. She is passionate about community organizing and co-chairs Denver’s Month of Printmaking. Emily runs her own printshop Little Drop Print Shop in North Denver, operating with a focus on making printmaking accessible and affordable to all.

Emily Moyer is part of our group exhibition Ends + Beginnings, closing Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023.

Select prints by Emily Moyer available through Alto Gallery's online shop or visit us in person.


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