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Katy Kidd: Homing

08/04/2023 - 08/26/2023


Opening Reception: First Friday, August 4, 6 - 10 PM

Satellite Saturday/Artist Talk: Saturday, August 19,

12 - 4 PM


Katy Kidd. Gen X girl, checking the American Dream, religion, privilege, the luck of the draw, solidarity, hindsight and getting older. With age comes wisdom. I am middle aged and I believe that I know nothing anymore. I grew up here but left for 30 years. This place looks nothing like it did, and I am now the Prodigal daughter coming home. I got to live the American Dream and it came up flat. I question everything now. We didn’t save the old growth forests, we couldn’t stop nuclear energy, I was a breeder and our planet is suffering. Now what? Nothing makes any sense. 


This show, called HOMING, is about returning home. I am exploring my roots, growing up in Denver in the 1970’s & 80’s. Over the years I have painted what I see in how others live around the globe, as well as myself. Last summer I challenged myself to paint only my culture: American, White, female, Generation X. The largest paintings reflect my thoughts on growing up. My grandparents were newlyweds in the Great Depression, they frugally raised my parents who came of age in the late 1950’s, early 60’s. I was raised on these Early and Mid Century ideals. The Cold War was terrifying to me as a kid. As a teen I had a hard time following what was expected of me. In addition to the personal subject matter I also dared myself to paint with a limited amount of time on the larger pieces. I forced myself to paint more loosely and quickly than I am used to. 


Most of my adult life I lived in New Mexico. In 2021 I moved back to Denver. This fueled new inspiration and a kick in the ass to take more creative risks. Learning printmaking techniques, melting stuff and digital art have become my new normal albeit quite shakily. Thank you for your support.

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