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Basically Paintings

06/01/2018 - 07/14/2018

Opening reception: June 1 (6 - 10 PM)

First Friday: July 6 (6 - 10 PM)


Join us at Alto Gallery Friday June 1 for the opening reception of Basically Paintings, guest curated by JuiceBox co-creator Aaron Mulligan. Presenting digital paintings by four artists: Lucía Rodríguez, Camila Leòn, Aaron Mulligan, and Debra Lynn Manville, the exhibition focuses on a less stereotypical and more human version of digital painting.


Each artist will show five of what he/she considers paintings. These will be digital paintings, but there is a twist introduced by the work of Lucía Rodríguez. Her paintings are color collages: individual squares of color organized by hand. We typically think of “digital” as being “not handmade,” but the word actually comes from the Latin digitus, meaning “finger” or “toe.” What makes something digital is that it consists of regular, distinct units. In this way, Lucia’s handmade collages are the most digital works in the show. This opens the rest of the work -- made using computer programs (often vector-based) and printers -- to be interpreted in a more personal way.

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