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s. legg: animals

12/16/2017 - 01/27/2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 16 (6 - 10 PM)

First Friday Reception: Friday, January 5 (6 - 10 PM)

Closing Reception: Saturday, January 27 (6 - 10 PM)



Conceptual artist s. legg's latest sculptural works center on humankind's complex and often destructive relationship with fellow animal species. In his immaculate and meticulous way, the artist shines a powerful, sobering light on the human practices of animal testing, game hunting, and meat processing; ultimately, challenging us to examine the behaviors, attitudes, and roles we all play in exerting our species' dominion.


Boiled down to the absolute essential elements, s.legg's works are assembled over many painstaking hours from human-made materials like barbed wire, plastics, paint, and shattered glass. Animal forms like cast birds, fish, and fur complete the jarring contrasts. The results are aesthetically terse, yet speak volumes in a real and visceral way.


Not light of subject nor delivery, s. legg's work strikes like a burning brand on flesh, leaving a permanent, unforgettable mark on one's conscience -- a reminder that we are all animals.


Rather than simply calling out humankind's baser ways, though, s. legg hopes to instead promote awareness, responsibility, empathy, and compassion by partnering with MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, Denver's only true no-kill shelter. 50% of artist sales from the show plus donations will go directly to MaxFund to aid in their mission of providing "medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and to seek out new homes for these animals once they have recovered."



"If the art is done well, the artist doesn't matter." - s. legg


s. legg loathes talking about himself.

Nevertheless, he lives in Denver, CO. He has shown work in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach as well as Denver and surrounding areas. You can view more of his work at

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