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Never Forgive Action: New Work by Speaks & Zoots

07/03/2020 - 08/01/2020


Opening Reception: First Friday, July 3, 6 - 10 PM

In Never Forgive Action, Speaks & Zoots re-imagine and re-purpose the discarded fragments of modern culture. Both artists take a collage approach in their individual practices, tearing, ripping, dissecting, combining, and re-arranging cultural artifacts into striking compositions that address contemporary American life in 2020. 


The starting point for the creation and layout of the exhibition comes from a quote in the iconic 1983 documentary Style Wars by the infamous graffiti writer Min One. The film documents young artists struggling to express themselves, the subculture of graffiti, and the conflict started by New York City mayor Ed Koch. This layered quote is historically said by graffiti writers when a dispute arises and speaks to the political unrest of 1983. Today in 2020, the power of these words remains as communities fight back against racism and police brutality. The world is on fire. The murdering of innocent human life is Never Forgive Action.


Speaks was born and raised in Denver, CO. His work is meant to project the energy that his

community and everyday personal life gives him on a daily basis. Community, knowledge, and

power are three words to describe his work. While mainly using spray paint, acrylic, and collage to express himself, Speaks hopes to evolve and use whatever he can to further evolve his medium and work.

Zoots received his Masters of Art from the University of Denver. His work has been exhibited throughout the US, including the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and Scope Art Fair Miami Beach. He has a cute dog named Amigo whom he loves very much.

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