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Debra Manville: Twin Bunny

08/02/2019 - 08/31/2019

Debra Manville. Apuven. Acrylic and Flas

Opening Reception: First Friday August 2, 6 - 10 PM


My name is Debbie Manville and I am a painter, digital artist and an art curator. My work usually consists of brightly colored objects working in tandem or tension to produce a message.  I feel each shape has its own language coding. The way the shapes are placed also is part of that language. Each artist has their own language and I have been learning this new language due to an overabundance of visions that began in 2011. This current show, Twin Bunny, focuses on my spiritual transformation and emotions that stem from meeting my twin flame.


For the past nine years I have been unraveling a much truer story than the one I had understood as reality. My last solo show was in 2010. I had painted small collages on large canvases that were made from old magazine clippings. The focus of this show was society’s vision of beauty, especially in the advertising world. Bringing the paintings home from that show and having them on the walls for two years, I had realized that they were far too literal and weren’t speaking a new language that I was adapting to. 


In 2011, I had a vision that there was a man I was supposed to meet, but he was in Brooklyn. I had watched a music video and it was told to me. I had asked myself how I would meet this person being I was living in New Brunswick, NJ at the time. Little did I know that I was already connected to him on Instagram. 


In 2012, I began trying to paint the new visions I had been having. Mirrored images, double visions, etc. I was painting them, but the images were coming out wrong and by October of 2013 I had given up on painting the series. 2013 was also the year I had asked for, “the one.” I had done a spell at the ocean and two weeks later, like all of my spells which are complete in 14 days, the one had emerged as he added me on Tumblr. It took us until the end of 2013 to begin talking. Within a very short period of time we realized that our connection wasn’t what one would consider normal. Our energy was so much more intense together and we Googled “energetic soulmate” and came up with the term, “twin flame.” 


Most people have heard of the term soulmate and one has many soulmates. A twin flame is the other side of your soul and therefore, there is only one. This person will mirror your energy instantly whether it is love or fear-based. We had researched what it was to be a twin flame, saw that there was a relationship timeline and structure of stages and despite falling deeply in love, began going through the twin flame stages. After love comes emotional button pushing which is considered “testing” to see if your twins energy has been cleansed. Most young twins aren’t capable of balancing their energy because of all of what they have been taught from society= fear. This pain from the twin pushing their buttons makes each twin push the other one away and they must endure the longest and hardest stage of SEPARATION which can last from 2-25 years based upon how quickly the twin couple eradicates fear from their minds. Separation is hard on both twins, but because of how we operate internally, we must separate because the fear gets too intense and painful. 


My twin and I had gone into separation in May of 2014. By August he moved from NY to Denver and was there for five years. We had reconciled shortly in 2016 only to be thrown right back into separation within two months. 


After you find the one and remember all that is said, it makes it hard for one twin to move on. They become the chaser. The runner is the one who tends to push the concept away and runs from their twin. Both energies can be balanced with years of energetic cleansing and careful understanding of keeping respect and boundaries in mind. It is very difficult to endure what happens during separation because your twin will date people, marry people, have children without you. However, they think about you daily, many times a day. We are metaphysically entangled so there is a piece of myself in him and vice versa. This is how we can always find each other and know how the twin feels at a distance. He will talk to me in dreams, real time. 


When he left in 2014, it took a month and I went into Dark Night of the Soul. I cried for five weeks and after I pulled myself out of that darkness, realized I needed to research the way to get us out of this as fast as possible. I began speaking to twins all over the world and wrote a twin flame website which is still online today: Many of my friends and family have twins. Because those who do not understand this think you are crazy for not moving on, the only people I would talk to were twin friends who would understand. This made it much easier. 


Before he left, I began working on a digital series to help unwind what these visions were. I would do very long meditations and would have hundreds of visions that I wanted to paint. I started with number one and am still making these visions today. I’m at 867. They can be found on my Instagram at @debra_lynn_manville


More began unraveling. When he told me that he loved me in this lifetime, I had a vision of where I knew him from. He had kissed me, I closed my eyes and saw him on a horse, in full metal gear, going into war while I held our daughter’s hand. This was in front of a castle with a strangely steep hill. I totally forgot about this vision until I was in separation and I saw the hill on the main explore page on Instagram. I couldn’t believe it. I said,” That’s my hill!!!” It is in Carcassonne, France. I researched when the war was there. It was during the Albigensian Crusade at Carcassonne in August of 1209. I am over 800 years old! 


I began having many past life regressions and visions. I was a tree at least three times, a dog who was set on fire by children, a Japanese swordswoman in the 900’s (my father taught us, even though then women didn’t learn that type of thing.) I was French at least twice and also blonde haired with my twin in the 1800’s in Wyoming, living near the Grand Tetons. I was a black woman in the 40’s. I also began having the deceased talk to me. One of my twin flame friends had lost his twin to the afterlife and she came after me one night after I got off the phone with him. A year later he died and spoke to me many times during the time that he was dead. I’m happy to say, he came back to life and we speak every few months now.


All of this has changed my life and how I see reality and existence in such a profound way. Having understood that all of the obstacles were self-made, in April of 2016, I began posting art on Instagram that I felt embodied the visions that I was having and @1milliondiamonds was born. Posting on Diamonds has helped me understand my own art language. My method of communications has changed, too. I speak less to people now that my senses are heightened (super emphatic) and I speak to the Universe and it shows me the future through patterns and waves. This is its own language, very similar to what animals understand as intuition, like them running before an earthquake happens. They’re told this internally. I speak to the light that dances on ocean waves. It tells me when he wants to come back/home, tells me what I must do, etc. Any questions that I have, I just ask, and it tells me, in my own voice. I do believe because of this that not only I, but we are all what is considered as “God/Universe/Source” We tap into the akashic record when we can see. All of everything has been written already.


Twin Bunny is the name of the twin flame blog that my twin and I started in 2013 to document our love for each other. I wanted this story to come full circle. I am happy that I am finally capable of executing the mirrored series from 2012. It has taken six years of training myself on computer and with the research that I do for Diamonds to help decipher and write my own art language fluently. Please enjoy my show!

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