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08/05/2022 - 08/27/2022


OPENING RECEPTION: First Friday, August 5, 6 - 10 PM


CANYONEERS! is about the exploration of landscape. Whether that landscape be real or

imagined, physical or psychological, philosophical, psychedelic, political, or otherwise, we

canyoneers descend into the unknown to map, gather, interpret, or simply observe what we find. In this show, I present a small selection of artifacts inspired by my own journey through some of those shifting and intersecting landscapes.



Tom Bond is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Denver, Colorado. His work

includes drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, graphic design, and illustration. From gallery

exhibitions, to murals, to products and commercial collaborations, the work remains rooted in

the natural world and issues a sense of history. Flat shapes exist on top of more dynamic

textures and objects, abstract and representational elements push and pull but ultimately

coexist, and bold geometric forms become symbols of something more complex, if not explicitly defined.


Tom has exhibited work all around Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Crested Butte, Colorado

Springs), as well as New York City, Bozeman, MT, London, England and Frankfurt, Germany.

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