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You're Majesty

04/05/2019 - 04/27/2019


Opening Reception: April 5 (6 - 10 PM)



SOFIE BIRKIN's work plays with color and strong shapes to represent a diverse range of bold characters. She strives to create bright, playful images which capture imaginations, inspire daydreams, and above all empower. She prioritizes inclusive representation in her work in a way that commands positive attention.


POL CORONA is a Franco-Argentinian mural artist and street art curator out of the Barracas neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Self-taught in the streets of Madrid, Spain, Pol is known for the faces and houses he paints in his warm and colorful style. Pol is now based in Denver, CO, where you can find much of his work on walls and in galleries. Pol previously showed at Alto Gallery in 2017 for the "Showed Up" group show.


VICTOR ESCOBEDO was born and raised in LA, but has called Denver his home since 2006. Victor is a RMCAD grad, full-time artist, muralist, and graphic designer specializing in a "graphic mythos" style. He was a featured artist in CRUSHWALLS last year, and is currently building a body of sculptural and performance-based work as part of his "Nuevo Antiguo" project. Victor will be showing a selection of handmade marionettes from this series.


TANNER WILSON draws from an interest in Russian Orthodox paintings and merges it with his illustrative background to create a bold and color-saturated style. “I tend to be in my head a lot and my work is the personification of that specific part of my thought process that I can’t quite put my finger on,” he says. Matriarchal bodies and faces populate Tanner’s work as well as an array of symbolism and iconography. Tanner puts an emphasis on facial expressions and
simple hand gestures with his figures to suggest different emotions and themes. His paintings have been described many times as a graphic interpretation of inner dialogue in the style of playing cards.

He is looking for the common ground in religion that has become innate but has arcane knowledge. He takes those ideas further then and makes them of his own world and ideology. Images of daemons, artifacts, and doorways to open thinking, linger in his paintings. They give the viewer a deeper sense that they should go beyond what they see and know.

Tanner is continuously finding himself in his pieces. Pushing his own senses and hopefully the viewer into the spotlight.

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