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Shorts Presents: Chromatic

02/16/2018 - 03/17/2018

Opening Reception: Friday, February 16 (6 - 10 PM)

First Friday Reception: Friday, March 2 (6 - 10 PM)

Closing Reception: Saturday, March 17 (6 - 10 PM)



Shorts in conjunction with Alto Gallery is pleased to announce their inaugural show Chromatic. This first show features Katherine Rutter, Lauren Napolitano, Travis Hetman, Ryan Bubnis, Jake Watling, Jennifer Davis, Brock Forrer, Caitlin McDonagh, Brian Uhl, Jack “Nice One” Chappel, Van Holmgren, Sara Guindon, and Simon Tran. The artists in the show have all strived to work in single color or reduced palettes in keeping with the title. Each maker in the show uses strong defined lines and methods of mark making - by reducing the range of color, each artist amplifies their message while simplifying their approach. Each artist also falls broadly into the realm of folk, an aesthetic we are excited to push in the Denver area and beyond.



Shorts will exist as an ephemeral space curated by Max Kauffman and Andrew Hoffman, with projects taking place in the Denver area and beyond. Our goal is looking at the gallery/artist paradigm in a new light: as technology brings ever more art onto the internet and social media for people to consume, we aim to bring back traditional models of artistic support, to reduce the stiffness often seen in today’s art world. Ideally we can bring art to you as comfortable as you might put on a pair of shorts. Nice and cozy.

To request additional images or information about each artist, please contact Shorts via /

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