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Winter Blooms: Jennifer Lord, Lucy Holtsnider, & Christi Palitto

12/03/2021 - 01/01/2022


Opening Reception: First Friday, December 3, 6 - 10 PM





Winter Blooms is both a noun and a verb. This shift in and shifting meaning is important to the work. The paintings shimmer, moving between representation and abstraction. Flowers are treacherous, they are fleeting. Flowers simultaneously show the preciousness and precarity of life and are representations of life’s abundance. In these paintings, flowers bloom through abundant colors, textures, vigorous gestures, small marks, stains, stencils and monoprinting.


The central thread of my practice is an expression of the aliveness and harmony of the natural world. In this time of ecological crisis, everything that helps humanity (the life-shapers, currently the life-destroyers) align with life and connect to the more-than-human world, changes the future.



Jennifer Lord is a painter, Sogetsu ikebana artist, and taijiquan teacher in the Yang family lineage. They received their BA from Naropa University. Lord’s paintings are held in several private collections. Rainbow Above the Ruins, a duo collaborative exhibition, was at Dateline Gallery in June 2021. Their solo show, Cryptic Perfume was held at Razzle Dazzle: a

Museum of Camouflage in Process in Boulder, Montana during July 2021. Most recently, Lord curated “Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty”, a multimodal exhibition, part of the citywide One Book One Boulder 2021 program centered on the climate crisis. They have a forthcoming collaboration with the MÚSED fashion house. Born in Salt Lake City, they currently live and work in Boulder, Colorado.





My contribution to this show contains two bodies of work, one completed just before the pandemic in the fall of 2019, and one which began mid-2021 and is ongoing. The collages, composed of monotype printed handmade paper and recycled fabric, are the older series. These process-forward material studies highlight the quiet visual curiosities of our observed world. Using cues from both our current moment and imagined future, these pieces are informed by direct observation of climate change and humanity’s effects on our environs. 


The Covid-19 pandemic coincided with many life changes for me, including moving from upstate New York to Denver and acquiring an SP-15 Vandercook letterpress. The letterpress prints I've been making since are an iteration of the same combination of observation and inquiry, though they were created with totally different materials and methods. I carefully draw and carve the lines and forms of each subject out of linoleum, then add layers of color and texture using collograph prints on a Vandercook SP-15 letterpress. Each was made with between four and seven different blocks, all aligned, inked by hand, and printed on the press. This series is ongoing, and will continue to explore the flora and fauna I observe in my surroundings. 




Lucy Holtsnider is a book designer and printmaker based in Denver, Colorado. As a book designer, she specializes in designing book covers and interiors for self-published authors. In her fine art practice, she makes letterpress prints on a Vandercook SP-15 out of Zarapes Studios. Lucy teaches workshops year round and has taught college courses in print and design at Colorado College, Yeshiva University, Marist College, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.






Christi is a classically trained painter from the Midwest which she left to pursue art, ultimately landing in Denver thirteen years ago. Her work is vibrant in color and busy with texture and is currently exploring the relationships between the natural and the man made - or synthetic  vs organic. 

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