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Showed Up: Curated by Joseph Martinez

11/03/2017 - 12/02/2017

Opening reception: First Friday, November 3 (6-10 PM)

Closing reception: First Friday, December 1 (6-10 PM)

"Showed Up" is an open-themed show curated by Denver-based artist Joseph Martinez, featuring a selection of works from well-known friends near and far. About half of the artists are locals including Pedro Barrios, Victor Escobedo, Anthony Garcia, Travis Hetman, Rafa Jenn, Jaime Molina, Strange Dirt, Ravi Zupa, Joseph Martinez, and Max Kauffman. The other half includes NY-based artists Scott Albrecht and Boy Kong, FL-based artist Baghead, CA-based artists Drew Merritt, Rachel Strum, and John Wentz, and international artists Rene Almanza (Mexico) and Pol Corona (Argentina). 


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