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Charlie Brown Ceramic Show

12/11/2020 - 01/02/2020

Josh Aiman_ML C-Leg Brown.JPG

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 11, 6 - 10 PM


In 2020 most art events and gigs were cancelled or seriously reduced. In hard times, though, creativity can be at its highest. And for artists, sometimes having a project just for fun can get you out of a rut, or allow for more play and experimentation.

Charlie Brown Ceramic Show started with a simple idea: To bring together local ceramic artists of the Denver and Boulder area to showcase the talent and variety of the art form, see if we can sell some pieces, and donate money to a local charity. Each artist started with the same ceramic figure, then given free reign to alter the blank sculptures to their heart's content. 


Josh Aiman, the creator of the show, works primarily with ceramics, so that part was natural. Josh made a mold, and slip cast multiples in ceramic to distribute for free to local artists.

Most of the artists in the show work primarily in ceramics, but there are a handful of painters and installation artists that were given a Charlie Brown to use as their “canvas.”

For more information and to purchase original Charlie Brown ceramic sculptures, visit 

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