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Letting Go

03/22/2018 - 03/24/2018

Opening reception: March 22 (6 - 10 PM)

Print Party: March 23 (12 - 7 PM)

Destruction Demo/Closing: March 24 (2 - 7 PM)


In observance of Denver’s Month of Printmaking, Alto Gallery will host an experimental three-day pop-up group exhibition titled “Letting Go" that ponders creation, destruction, and what remains through the work of printmakers. 


Featuring a very limited edition of original prints from Victor Escobedo, Sarah Fukami, Anthony Garcia, Elena Gunderson, Moeh Haywood, Sherry Hern, John Van Horn, Raymundo Munoz, Thomas Scharfenberg, and Emily Wilcox. 

Based on the general theme of “letting go/release/impermanence,” the show will be organized in a novel way with some key elements: 

+++Thursday March 22 - Opening - Both printing block and print from each artist will be displayed next to each other. Artists will have available an editioned set of said prints for sale. 
+++Friday March 23 - All-day (12 - 7 PM) Workshop/Printing Party - a fun, casual meetup where artists can carve new blocks, pull prints, exchange tips and techniques, have snacks, drink beer, listen to music, etc. 
+++Saturday March 24 - Destruction Demo/Closing (2 PM) - printing blocks on display will be removed from the walls and destroyed and documented. Prints will remain on the walls. (Yes, we understand the beauty in craftsmanship, but we're breaking blocks regardless. Deal with it.)


NOTE: Although marking/destroying printing blocks is a common practice for many printmakers, many viewers do not realize this, and as such do not understand the value of such an editioned print. Providing a demonstration en masse has the potential to educate, to motivate, and to provide catharsis for those in need.

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