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Koko Bayer: Folding-Time

12/01/2023 - 12/23/2023


Opening Reception: First Friday, December 1, 6 - 10 PM

Artist Demo + Activity: Saturday, December 9, 1 - 3 PM



Alto Gallery is excited to present "Folding-Time," a solo exhibition by artist Koko Bayer. The exhibition opens on Friday, December 1, 2023, from 6 PM to 10 PM at Alto Gallery, 1900 35th Street, Denver, CO 80216.


This exhibition showcases Bayer's latest dimensional prints. "For years, I've been trying to add dimension to 2-dimensional prints, primarily by applying them to 3-dimensional structures," Bayer explains. "Several years ago, I learned about geometric paper folding techniques used in the Bauhaus introductory course, which led to my obsession with folding and how photographs of these pieces could add visual dimension to my murals."


Her "fold-o-montage" murals in Denver, Mexico City, Aspen, and Miami all incorporate these folded elements. "I make prints, fold them, light and photograph them, and then they end up in a storage bin. For this show, I wanted to make 3-dimensional folded pieces the focus."


The title "Folding-Time" carries a dual significance. It refers to Bayer's practice of using paper folding as a reward for completing tedious studio tasks, and it also acknowledges folding as a fundamental process in nature and science, evident in DNA, Geological formations, and the structure of the universe.


Bayer finds the act of paper folding fascinating as it transforms a simple, flat medium into complex, multidimensional forms. This process embodies a creative interplay between simplicity and intricacy, echoing the natural world's patterns.


The exhibition will also include a small "Hope Shop" with new prints and merchandise from Bayer's iconic Hope and Rainbow Heart projects.  The evening will also feature a DJ set from DJ Paul Andre.

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