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Jennifer Lord: Actually Paintings

06/01/2018 - 06/30/2018

Opening reception: June 1 (6 - 10 PM)


While working, I attempt to remain on the edge between mapping an image or landscape and being receptive to that which arises through process. This edge is generative, spontaneous, and potent. I evoke liminal spaces that invite one to stand within them and to look within one’s self equally, spaces that reflect our internal wilds back to us. The work is a portal into another way of seeing the natural world, presenting an encounter both destabilized and unified, one of flux and interconnection. My paintings confound ordinary spatial assumptions, where perspectives shift and phenomenon transform. Disrupting isolated notions of subject-object, I instead present emergence, simultaneity, relationship, and multidirectional flow. This gesture is cosmological. I use powerful, intense color as amplification of landscape.

I am interested in the magical and scientific aspects of place, stepping beyond what our ordinary senses can perceive. My paintings suggest the subtle realms as well as the mechanics and dynamics of nature. As the earth looks still but is constantly in motion, so too my paintings present a state of flux. All things, including the universe itself, are in a constant never ending state of becoming or dissolving. My paintings explore this subtle truth. They reward pausing and looking. Motion in my paintings acts as visible time. The earth shaping forces of volcanoes, erosion, wind, and water are deep subjects of my work. These primordial forces are evoked to emotionally convey their respective cosmic schemes representing the physical forces and deep structures that underlie our everyday world. My work communicates an appreciation for the cosmic order. A view that is particularly relevant in the face of human caused climate change and mass extinction.

The edge between humanity’s destructiveness and beauty-making and the Earth’s immensely powerful majesty are at play within my work. The title creates a doorway into one meaning of the painting, while its poetry provides enough space for multiple interpretations.

Jennifer Lord is an artist and teacher. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Naropa University in Visual Arts and T’ai Chi Ch’uan. She studies and teaches T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan. She is a student of Sogetsu Ikebana with Kalapa Ikebana. Lord’s most recent events include, a solo exhibition at Boulder Shambhala Center, a digital video collaboration with Noah Travis Phillips  published online by and exhibited at Sluice in London. She has a forthcoming collaboration with the MÚSED fashion house. Lord exhibited ikebana in the 2018 annual Sogetsu Ikebana Spring Show in Denver, Colorado. Lord’s collaboration TEAM-UP! with Noah Travis Phillips will be published by +4 Press. She lives, works, and teaches in Boulder, Colorado. Her work is held in several private collections. Lord’s paintings will be on display at Alto Gallery in Denver; the opening reception is Friday, June 1st, 2018.


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