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Untitled (1080 × 1120 px) - 1
Tukeone. When the City Sleeps. Spraypaint, markers. 550
Xopilli Mexica. Tiger Style. Acrylic. 360
Tom Bond. Golden Tongues. Acrylic. 450
Visual Goodies. Untamed Element. Clay, paint. 250
Remoteroc. New York State of Mind. 500
Thom Berger. Super What. Acrylic. 475
SHOE. Impact. Acrylic, spraypaint. 600
Scot Lefavor. DJ KOOL HERC. Spraypaint, enamel. 406
Pepto. Pepto. Acrylic. 200
SARS. Elemental Flow. Acrylic, spraypaint. 350
Vonna Wolf. Mixed media. 200
Rule One. Knowledge. Spraypaint, paint pens. 180
Robert Bell. Beastie Boys Intergalactic. Acrylic, chalk pastel, 3D wood cutout. 1000
Raymundo Munoz. Napalm BrainScatter Brain. Linocut, monotype prints. 300
Scot Lefavor. My Adidas. Spraypaint, decal on Tech deck. 4 in x 1 in. 100
PHD Graffiti
Quentin Rice. Soul 26. 300
Pheud1. TRUESKOOL. Acrylic. 400
Pager One. Skate Life. Spray paint, acrylic. 200
Ortavio Griego. Lost Four. Sharpie. NFS
Mythik. Super Duty Tough Work. Acrylic, Posca pens. 250
Patrick Kane McGregor. Highfive. Acrylic, spraypaint. 200
Observe Capture Destroy. Quest Love. Photographic print. 150
NICE. Rockit. Spraypaint. 199.99
Mimer21. Elementals. Spraypaint, markers, acrylic. 300
Miguel Aguilar. Playboi Carti. Oil. 250
Mike Graves. O.G. BeeBoy. Spraypaint, acrylic. 300
Michael Illson Ortiz. Metal FIngers. Latex, acrylic, paint marker. 400
KT. City Girlz. Acrylic. 250
Untitled (1080 × 1120 px) - 2
Krave. Oneeyed Monkey. Mixed media. 450
Markham Maes. Golden Age Baby. 440
Max Kauffman. ATLIENS. Gouache on watercolor ground. 700
Lulu Alonso. Boombox Kitty. Acrylic. 300
Lulu Alonso. Bigger Than HipHop. Acrylic. 300
Keith Jive. Mr. Green Jeans. Spraypaint. 200
Koco Collab. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies. Latex. 850
JUPE. Golden Totem. Spraypaint, acrylic, marker. 333
Julio Alejandro. Funky 4plus1. Sticker, oilstick, Posca pens. 333
Karma Leigh. Preemo. Mixed media. 355
JHER451. By All Means. Colored pencil, oil pastel, paint pen. 300
ILL SURGE. Kool Mode. 712
Jeromie Dorrance. K.O.N.Y. Acrylic, graphite. 300
Jack Estenssoro. Gucci Bard Board. Airbrush. 420
EMIT. EMIT. Aerosol, paint markers. 260
Dos Mil. Torito Azul. 620
Gutsy Collins. 10 Crack Commandments. Acrylic, spraypaint. 150
Diego Florez Arroyo. Forever Zehb. Acrylic. 555
Diana Didi Contreras. Crush On You. 500
DBOE. Boom Bap. Spraypaint, paint marker. 200
Cope. M.E.T.H.O.D. M.A.N. Airbrush, automotive finish, 24k gold leaf. 3500
Danielle Seewalker. Rap About This. Acrylic, aerosol. 850
Corrie Matador Merritt. Relic. Acrylic. 60
CHNK FONDUE. Hit the Books. Acrylic, ink, gold enamel. 712
Chris Dokebi. Buggin Out. Acrylic. 500
Brenda Vargas. RAZA. Acrylic. 200
Anthony Maes. Supreme Blientele. Photography, glue. 150
CHA SLAM. Chacho Town. Acrylic. 450
Cassie Smith. Afro Puffs. Acrylic. 150
Alisha B. Haut Bomb. Yarn. 200
4NR. Break Bones. 250
Amanda Valdez. 600
Alba Valerdi. Supa Dupa Fly. Acrylic. 300
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