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Fray: Curated by We Were Wild


Exhibition Catalog 


We Were Wild (@we_were_wild)

Meredith Feniak and Risa Friedman came together as We Were Wild to explore their mutual interest in ongoing changes to the built environment, including architecture’s interaction and parallels with nature. They experiment with a range of mediums including photography and textiles, which are often integrated into their installations. Most recently, vintage fabrics and unfinished quilt pieces feature prominently in their work. Meredith and Risa embrace the beauty of these discarded and unfinished items by including them as integral parts of new pieces they create, which “finishes” them in an unpredictable way. Their love of infusing fabric into their own work led to We Were Wild’s curation of Fray. 


Matti Øverland Berglund (@matti.made): While known best for her vibrant and whimsical paintings, Matti has always been deeply inspired by garments and the ways in which we use them to express ourselves. She is often driven to create wearables through a mix of techniques, fabrics, and found treasures. In “The Wardrobe” we see Matti’s two-dimensional works come to life in this debut garment collection.


Sofie Birkin (@sofiebirkinillustration): Sofie is a queer British artist currently living in Denver. She creates bold and diverse characters in bright, contemporary illustrations that aim to empower.


Danielle DeRoberts (Onerary) (@oneiromancy): Danielle is a full time artist and collaborator :: painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles, fashion, mural art, graphic design + art installation. Danielle has been a resident of Colorado since 2012, currently living in Boulder, Colorado. Her paintings are dreamlike vessels of healing activation for her to communicate and encourage others to step into their power.


Lindsay Smith Gustave (@lindsaygustave): Lindsay received a BFA with Honors in printmaking in 2007, and a Master's in Art History in 2014, both from the University of Denver. A multidisciplinary artist, she seeks to express the remnants of mundane existence through domestic and natural artifact, thus establishing a link between a landscape’s reality and that imagined by its observer.


Stephanie Hilvitz (@rodrigivitzstyle): Stephanie finds herself circling back to her roots and love of fiber. She seeks solace in the slow work of stitching.


Myah Mazcara (@myahazcara): Myah uses muted tones and supernatural imagery to create noir scenes from a larger narrative. Each series is comprised of parts of an ongoing story with intersecting characters and overlapping themes. These are markers of a certain place and time, a particularly American culture that is further marked by cowboy hats, soft serve, and moonshine.


Marsha Robinson (Strange Dirt) (@strangedirt): Marsha's work is highly distinctive with a unique flare of grace and symmetry. She creates full and elegant botanical imagery embraced by bold designs. Her compositions combine both organic and disciplined properties allowing her work to possess a certain fluidity while still maintaining order and structure.


Sarah Rockett (@sarahmrockett): Sarah  is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in the Denver area. Her work focuses on themes of social justice through a variety of materials and formats.


G Roslie (@g.g.roslie): G is a textile artist working with natural dyed materials to create art inspired by the natural world and the cosmos, from landscapes, an element, a sound, symbol to a particular quality or a happening.  G’s art is a culmination of many processes she loves all circling back to honor nature and spirit.


Jenny West (@jennywest_artist): Jenny is a large scale, multimedia artist, trained as an interior architect and product designer from Kansas State University.  Contextual materiality impacts her color selections and application of form and geometry.


Katy Zimmerman (@katythezimmerwoman): Katy Zimmerman is a multi-media Denver Queer artist exploring the concepts of transformation, time travel, and alternate worlds.

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