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02/05/2021 - 02/27/2021


Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 6 - 10 PM


During the pandemic of 2020, FRANK made this body of work (large paintings, small paintings, and drawings) about the connections that exist in our daily thoughts while being quarantined or isolated from the normal routine of social interaction. James Joyce said, “Shut your eyes and see.” This idea that your world exists not in what your eyes see but in what your mind perceives to see that we as individuals work to obtain. These works take an abstract thought of solitary confinement and our desires and memories of a beautiful world on the outside.


All artwork starts with a mark made and the images are formed from that action. FRANK takes his works down to the minimal stroke of paintbrush to also explore the essence of painting of what a painting means. It is this active engagement or CONNECTION with the painting and the audience that creates an experience needed for art to be successful.


FRANK (b. 1974, Denver, CO) is a Denver-based visual artist whose work evokes emotional narratives through grids and mark-making. FRANK’s work arises in concentrated periods of intense creativity as variations of the developing new idea of painting arise in each work.


FRANK has exhibited work at Redline, City O’City and 8Z Denver. FRANK has also curated the exhibition Espacio Liminal/Liminal Space at the Museo de Las Americas. 

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