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Diego Florez-Arroyo Artist Talk

Saturday February 18, 2023 Alto Gallery hosted an artist talk with Denver-based artist Diego Florez-Arroyo. Diego gave visitors a piece-by-piece tour of his solo show "Mensajes Mestizos," offering insights into his creative process and his rich cultural heritage that inspires him. Throughout the talk, the artist answered questions from visitors and hinted at future projects.

Diego Florez-Arroyo is an artist, musician, and poet based in Denver.

"Mensajes Mestizos is a cathartic expression of stories, philosophies, and teachings gathered throughout my 26 years of living. Ranging from sweat lodges, classrooms, and mentors that have fueled my knowledge and curiosity. This land carries so many stories to be told. Mensajes Mestizos takes us through a glimpse of this rich history to provoke questions, challenging self thought, and reflections of identity in ourselves and the world around us." - Diego Florez-Arroyo

Diego Florez-Arroyo: Mensajes Mestizos is on view at Alto Gallery February 3 - February 25, 2023. Closing reception: Saturday, February 25, 11 AM - 3 PM.

Photos by Raymundo Muñoz. From the artist talk with Diego Florez-Arroyo.


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