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Denver Collage Club Drop-In Workshop

Alto Gallery hosted a drop-in collage workshop on Saturday, March 25, 2023 with Denver Collage Club. The workshop was free, non-instructional, and offered participants space and materials to create collage on their own alongside members of Denver Collage Club (on view at Alto Gallery through April 1). Tables and chairs filled up fast with collage artists and hobbyists of all ages. Some participants brought projects to work on, while others started fresh and left the workshop with finished pieces. The gallery air was filled with the sound of excited talk and snipping scissors! Thanks so much to everyone that joined us. Look forward to more free creative sessions from Alto Gallery and Birdseed Collective.

Image: Detail of "Stillscape" by Kyle Huninghake

Photos from the Denver Collage Club workshop by Raymundo Muñoz.


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