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Nuevo Antiguo Starts the Year Off Right

After much preparation and tearing of hair and garments, Alto Gallery's first show of the year "Nuevo Antiguo" opened Saturday evening January 14 to a rapt audience. Featuring works by Victor Escobedo, Julio Alejandro, Moeh Haywood, Kevin Hennessy, Jae Mo, and Tom Bond, "Nuevo Antiguo" was as much a celebration of the present as it was an homage to ancient cultures. Adding to the fresh yet aged mix was a special musical performance by Gregg Ziemba. Aided by the sonorous horn sounds of Joshua Trinidad and Wesley Watkins as well as the tribal beat drumming of various audience members, the musical accompaniment meshed well with the show's overall aesthetic.

"Nuevo Antiguo" is on display through February 25, 2017. Pictures are from the opening reception.

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