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 Christa Pistoli 

Christa Pisto was born in the early 1970’s in Albuquerque, NM where she was surrounded by the love of art from the day of her birth. Growing up in one of the most active art communities in the country, Christa was inspired to be creative at a very early age. Since her mother and sister are both artists/painters and her grandmother was an avid seamstress she was destined to develop her own love of hand crafted arts. 


In her younger years Christa worked with beaded jewelry, glass bead making and large scale glass blowing and is now creating recycled jewelry, a line of crafting tool-inspired jewelry and fiber arts that mainly consists of crochet sculptures.


Christa’s inspirations have developed over the years from whatever creative activity she would be involved with at the time, and most recently focused her talents on a series of crochet sculptures that include LED lights called “Hyper Sea”, where she explores the textures of fiber, light and color to create life. 


Christa inspiration comes from the unknown in this colorful and diverse ecosystem of life.  

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